Recorder Resources

Posted by Rei Murray on March 23, 2021

Are you looking to kick-start your recorder program, or just need a little jazzing up to keep things exciting?  Peripole has compiled a list of our top-selling recorder resource publications to get you on the right track!


Recorder Express by Artie Alameida

Item # P9080

Recorder Express provides the track to becoming a great recorder player and having fun! More than 120 folk, pop, and original songs and exercises are included, as well as technique tips and beginning music theory. Notes in the order taught: B, A, G, C, D, Low E, Low D, F-sharp, Low C, F, High E. Levels one and two are covered in this one edition. This method was well-conceived and thoroughly tested by master teacher, clinician, and professional recorder player Artie Almeida. This title has received the iParenting Media award as one of the "Excellent Products of 2006.



The Complete Recorder Resource Kit - Teacher Edition with CD by Denise Gagne

Item # P9050



Published by Themes and Variations

This kit contains everything you need for teaching a first year recorder program: teachers guide, listening activities, games, practice bugs, note name mad minutes, assessment rubrics, piano/guitar chord symbols, tone bar accompaniments, composition, recorder care and recorder note name flashcards!

Includes 42 student pages in standard notation AND kids note notation for you to copy. The Kit also contains all the songs in the Recorder Resource Student book so that you can make overheads and extra booklets. The same songs are given again using “Kid Notes” - the letter name is imprinted directly on the note head. This helps weak readers to progress.




The Complete Recorder Resource Kit - Student Edition by Denise Gagne

Item # P9052



Published by Themes and Variations

Student Book.


Tootles! By Cak Marshall

Item # P9600



Even beginning students can learn to play fun, engaging recorder trios! Tootles will provide just the challenge your young students need. Written in the keys of C, G and D major A minor, with limited ranges, these pieces encourage students to cooperate, listen to parts other than the melody, practice, and play as a group.


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