Peripole Presents: Musical Exploration Lesson 6 "Balloons"

Posted by Rei Murray on November 26, 2020

Integrating Music and Science, a Musical Exploration series by Peripole




Title: Sound from Balloons


Category: Wind

Components: Balloons of varying diameter

Controlled Factors: Technique of sound production

Variable factors: Balloon size




Things to Investigate

1. Blow up the balloons and let the air escape.



2. Blow up a balloon and stretch the neck of the balloon as the air escapes.



3. Blow up a balloon and stretch the neck back and forth as the air escapes.


4. Blow up other balloons and stretch the necks back and forth as the air escapes.


5. Try to imitate the sound the balloons make as the air escapes from the stretched balloon necks.

1. Why does there not seem to be a marked difference in the sounds produced?

  2. 2. What causes the balloon to make a more penetrating sound than previously?

  4. 3. When does the sound appear to be higher? Why?

  6. 4. Is there a marked difference in the sounds produced from balloon to balloon?


  8. 5. What causes the sounds to be of wavering pitch?