Peripole Presents: Musical Exploration Lesson 5 "Ukulele"

Posted by Rei Murray on October 13, 2020

Integrating Music and Science, a Musical Exploration series by Peripole




Title: Sound from an Ukulele


Category: Strings

Components: Ukulele

Controlled Factors: Plucking technique

Variable factors: String Variations




Things to Investigate

1. Tune the ukulele with the tuning pegs.


2. Compare the thickness of the strings.


3. Observe the vibrating length of the strings as they are plucked.


4. Pluck the strings and notice that some vibrate more rapidly than others.


5. Pluck the strings while one hand rests gently over the strings.


6. Finger and pluck two strings until a pleasant sound is formed when plucked together.

1. What is the relationship between the tension of the string and pitch?

  2. 2. What effect does the thickness of the strings have on sound?

  4. 3. What is the relationship between the length of string and pitch?

  6. 4. What effect does the frequency of vibration have on pitch?

  7. 5. Why is the sound muffled?

  9. 6. Why do some tones sound pleasant when played in combination while others do not?