Peripole Presents: Utilizing Current Technology for Teaching: Creating Your Virtual Performance with Richard Lawton

Posted by Rei Murray on August 25, 2020

In this free informational video series, renowned music educator Richard Lawton goes back to basics and gets you the information to get your online and blended learning classes going. These skills are not just limited to online learning and his knowledge you can use to create content and engage students for years to come. 


Creating Your Virtual Performance - Peripole from Richard Lawton on Vimeo.



Do you have any questions? and Richard will be happy to talk further!



ABOUT RICHARD LAWTON: Richard Lawton is the K-5 general music teacher in Los Angeles and the recorder instructor in the Los Angeles County Orff Course. Richard received his M. Mus. and Orff certification at Cal State LA and has done post-level III work at the Arizona State, Villanova/University of the Arts and University of St. Thomas courses, as well as apprenticing in Basic Pedagogy at the University of Missouri, St. Louis Course last summer. In his classroom he has made blues improvisation and vernacular music learning techniques an area of concentration. Richard is a past presenter at numerous state and national conferences, including the 2015 and 2017 American Orff Schulwerk Association National Conferences, a past member of the Orff Echo and current member of the General Music Today editorial boards and the 2018 California Music Educators Association/Peripole General Music Teacher of the Year.

The next video in the series is Creating Your Virtual Performance.