The Launch of Peripole Presents!

Posted by Ami Halverson on August 14, 2020

We are so excited to announce our next step in our Partners In Music Education™ program! We will be working hard with other music educators and experts to bring you NEW and exclusive resources for educators! 


Peripole Presents aims to bring you valuable information that you otherwise would need to attend a conference to find! We will be bringing you informational videos, lesson plans, digital seminars and more! We know that the current state of the world has demanded a new way of teaching and educating teachers. Through this section we hope to do our part in supporting educators and parents in their endeavors to keep music and arts alive in education. 


This week we are releasing our first ever informational video series! We are working alongside music educator as well as orff instructor and clinician, Richard Lawton to bring you a video series we call: Utilizing Current Technology For Teaching. With each 20 minute video you will learn the basics and be able to use these software programs quickly in your own teaching endeavors!  Check out the first two videos on IMovie and Garage Band HERE