Introducing: The Peripole® Classic™ Ukuleles by Enya

Posted by Ami Halverson on July 06, 2020



Peripole is proud to introduce our newest innovation in ukuleles – the Peripole ® Classic™ Ukulele family by Enya, available exclusively from Peripole.  We are also proud to be the only Educational Distributor for Enya’s broader line of Ukuleles and products, including the completely cleanable Nova Ukulele.

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The Peripole® Classic™, for the first time, makes affordable, a high quality ukulele, in soprano, concert and tenor models, that comes with a complete kit of high quality accessories, as well as factory-installed strap buttons.  The accessories included are a deluxe padded gig bag, chromatic tuner, strap, extra set of strings, capo, polishing cloth,  a set of three picks, and free lessons on OKMusician App.

The action, intonation, and sound are flawless, and not those normally found in value-priced instruments.  Any student or musician would be proud and motivated to learn and play on these instruments.  And their best feature is the price!  Peripole is offering these kits at the following prices with special discounts for music educators and for classroom sets!  Whether you are a musician picking up a ukulele, or a student, first learning, these are exceptional packages, designed to last, and to grow with you.

P7701 – Peripole® Classic™ Soprano Ukulele with Enrichment Kit – $74.95

P7702 - Peripole® Classic™ Concert Ukulele with Enrichment Kit – $79.95

P7703 - Peripole® Classic™ Tenor Ukulele with Enrichment Kit – $85.95

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To see music educator pricing online, be sure to register with our website and to log in each time you shop.  To receive a quote for quantity sets, please contact us by phone or email.  We’re here to help!



We sent the new model to Kalani Das, world renowned musician, educator and musical therapist to review our Classic Ukulele! Check out the video to watch his review and hear how good this ukulele sounds!