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Drumming and Storytelling by Mary Knysh

Item # P9713

Welcome to the unique world of Drumming and Storytelling! This DVD presents the interactive and improvisational work of Mary Knysh in a setting with the first grade classes of Johnson Park Elementary School in Princeton, NJ. The activities in this DVD will show you how to develop basic rhythmic and drumming skills, including techniques for music/movement improvisation. The art of storytelling will be enhanced through the exploration and integration of several creative art forms.


In this total literacy based approach, you will discover how both drumming and storytelling provide young learners with unique and fun opportunities to explore and comprehend music and language. Simple and accessible games/activities become the inspirational context in which to explore this landscape with your students. It will become evident how each rhythmic skill builds upon the next and how one can draw upon each others’ creative ideas as together you and your students embark upon an exciting learning adventure.

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