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NUX Portable Digital Piano

Item # P8860


• Triple sensor scaled hammer-action keyboard with 5 types of touch sensitivity: super light/light/medium/heavy/super heavy.

• Reverb and Delay: 5 types (Hall/Church/Plate/Stage/Delay; reverb depth adjustable), Chorus: 4 depth levels, Tone Brilliance: 5 levels, Dual/Layer.

• Twin Piano: Split point adjustable; individual octave shift and tone selection.

• Octave Shift: -1 to +1 octaves

• Bluetooth: AUDIO and MIDI

• Metronome: 9 beats, tempo range 20 to 280 bpm

• Recording: 1 song (approx. 18000 notes total)

• Sustain pedal included


• USB MINI, AUX In, Line Out (L/Mono, R), Headphones X2, Damper pedal jack, Connector for 3 pedal unit

• DC 12V/2A power source

• weight: 26.89LBS

• Preamp and two 10 WATT oval speakers

Availability: In Stock!


Price: $449.00