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NUX Digital Modeling Guitar Amplifier w/Bluetooth 40 Watt

Item # P7832

Mighty 40 BT is a 40 watt powered amplifier with 4 channels, digital effects, 3-band EQ and tuner. You can connect any device by Bluetooth for playing along with your favorite music or backing track. Mighty 40 BT is 10-inch dynamic speaker equipped modeling amplifier that is powerful. You can customize and save your own presets and bring your sound to any stage.


-40 Watt Output
-1 x 10-inch speaker
-4 Channels (Clean, Overdrive, Metal, Lead) Each channel has 2 presets
-Gain and Level controls, 3-band EQ (Bass - Mid - High) and Master Volume
-18 Variety of effects (Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Vibe, Delay, and Reverb)
-3 types of Reverb and 3 types of Delay
-3 Effects can be activated at the same time (Mod - Delay - Reverb)
-3.5mm Aux Input, Headphone Output

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Price: $209.00

Stage Friendly Sound, User Friendly Interface
Bright and colorful LED buttons, ease to use smartly designed hardware interface.


4 Channels, 8 presets with Gain and 3-band EQ

All the presets can be customized, you can tweak the knobs or you can use the mobile application to adjust your desired sound and save it



9 Variety of digital effects
You can combine 3 effects simultaneously, a modulation effect,

delay and reverb effects can be activated at same time.


NUX Mighty APP 
You can connect your mobile phone to Mighty 40 BT via the Bluetooth and play along with your favorite music.

Mobile application can also control Mighty 40 BT amplifier with your smart phone. You can switch the amp's channels and control the Gain, Level and Tone parameters. Choose any effect you want and adjust the parameters. You can control everything.


There are 3 modulation effects and a noise gate, and we added a backing track library for your jam. 


Each preset can be customized, and you can save the presets to personalize your amp with your very own sounds.