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NUX Digital Modeling Guitar Amplifier w/Bluetooth 8 Watt

Item # P7830

NUX Mighty 8 BT 8 watt digital modeling guitar amplifiers have instrument and michrophone inputs, effects and Bluetooth connection as well as a 1/8" aux port. Includes FREE mobile application.


- 8 watt
- 3 sound presets: Clean, Overdrive and Distortion. Each preset can be customized
- Microphone and Instrument inputs
- 12 variety of guitar effects and Reverb Send control for Microphone input
- Bluetooth connection
- Battery powered: Up to 8 hours of play time with 8 AA size high performance batteries
- Easy to carry with the amplifier strap (included), 2.6kg
- Mobile application for iOS and Android devices

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Price: $129.00

Built-in Drum Machine
There are 9 different style drum beats and a metronome you can play along with. 
Drum Beats:  Metronome, pop, metal, blues, country, rock, ballad rock, punk, R&B, Latin


Sound Colorization
4 modulation effects include modulation, vibe, phaser chorus and tremolo. You can choose and adjust easily with your mobile device or tablet or you can also adjust the mix level of the selected effect quickly on the amplifiers panel. 
4 Delay and Reverb effects you can choose and adjust the decay, speed and mix levels of with mobile application.
After you customize your tone, you can simply save and store it!


Uses included 9V power adaptor or 8 AA batteries for playing on the go


FREE Mobile Application
Control everything remotely with the free Mighty APP (available for download on Apple Store and Google Play). The app allows you to customize any preset and store it for later use. You can change effects types and adjust the parameters. You can also control the built-in drum machine, change the style, adjust the volume and set the drum/metronome speed.