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Bergerault, Made-in France, Chromatic Song Bells - 1.5 Octave Set

Item # LQ-P2320B



These high quality, classic Bergerault manufactured song bells have been discontinued for reasons beyond our control and are only available in very limited stock, so get yours today!


  • Designed to serve as the All-Purpose, Deluxe Quality, Long Life School Song Bell
  • Soprano Voice Range
  • 1.5 Octaves (C6-G7)
  • Tone Bars made from Specially Tempered Bell Steel Alloy Accurately Tuned to A440
  • Bars Size: 1-3/8" x 1/8"
  • Perfect Tone Stability and Retention
  • Annealed, Chip-Resistant Finish
  • Rounded Safety Corners to Prevent Accidents
  • Two Wood Mallets Included
  • Solid One-Piece Wood Frame
  • Black and White Bars Arranged like Piano Keyboard
  • Free of Lead-Based Paint


Limited Quantity:

This item is has been discontinued or redesigned. Thus it is available only in limited quantity at a discounted special offer price. We may have multiple of these items available.

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Price: $99.95