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Big Mouth Blues Teacher Kit w/CD by Jim Tinter

Item # LQ-P9705



Big Mouth Blues

Hot Cross Buns

With a cute, catchy accompaniment and a simple B,A,G melody, Hot Cross Buns is playable by beginners the first day of recorder instruction! An optional duet part adds extra educational benefit and musical variety. No improvisation on this one.

Desert Rider

This song is nothing but cool! A long mysterious synthesizer intro leads into a driving rock beat. The melody uses only four notes: B,A,G and E. The optional duet part uses only two notes. Very appealing to older students!

For Minors Only

La pentatonic never sounded so jazzy! A Latin flavored 12 bar blues in F minor. The melody uses only four notes:E, G, A and B. Optional duet and trio parts fill out the harmony and make the tune sparkle. Solo echo patterns provide students with a vocabulary of melodic and rhythmic ideas to use when improvising. Four choruses in the middle of the tune provide lots of room for improving.

Big Mouth Blues

This tune kicks major plastic! A 12 bar major blues in a big band swing style using the left hand only. The melody introduces the note C#. Two choruses for improvising along with all the usual Jim Tinter goodies: solo echo patterns, solo accompanimemt tracks and step-by-step tutorials.

Country Morning

This beautiful ballad in D major is perfect for intermediate students. Introduces the note F#. Optional duet part. Two choruses for soloing and the usual Jim Tinter goodies make this a wonderful tune for students in fourth grade and up.

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