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Peripole-Bergerault® Alto Diatonic Xylophone - Aged Rosewood Bars
Item #: P1111


Includes F# and B bars with FREE attached wood storage box to hold these bars. Two special yarn mallets included with each instrument. 16 bars. Range C4-A5.

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Xylophone Specifications

Rosewood Bar Quality:Xylophone Specification image

  1. Removable bars made of prime, high-density rosewood, aged at least six years, with additional special de-humidification treatment, for precise control of moisture content, thus ensuring long-term accuracy of tuning and pitch, even in humid climates.
  2. Rich, resonant rosewood sonority throughout the entire range.
  3. Flawless grain and finish.

Techlon Bar Quality:

  1. Bergerault® Techlon is a unique proprietary composite material that has a sound closer to rosewood than other synthetic bars.
  2. Surpasses other fiberglass/synthetic bar instruments in richness of tone quality.
  3. Provides maximum protection from variations in humidity.

Bar Features:

  1. Extra-wide bars precisely tuned to A440, and overtone-tuned. Bars range in size from 15/8" wide x 5/8" thick for the Soprano and Alto models to 2" wide x 5/8" thick for Bass models. Professional size bars enhance sonority.
  2. Holes for placement of bars on the pegs are countersunk to prevent gouging of the wood as the bars are taken on and off.
  3. Long-lasting, heavy-duty metal posts to hold bars with heavy-duty solid neoprene rubber to support the bars.

Resonator Boxes:

  1. Built-in mallet storage on each instrument.
  2. Box constructed of solid hardwood and covered externally with laminate finish for durability and easy cleaning.
  3. Top and sides both glued and screwed together.
  4. Solid design construction at base of instrument for greater strength.
  5. Interior partitions capped to prevent buzzing.
  6. Interior boxes specially tuned.
  7. FREE attached wood storage box to hold F# and Bbars.
  8. Resonator box interior design for optimal and equal resonance.
  9. Lift ledges for easy carrying.