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NEW! Move and Play Boomwhacker Kit
Item #: P6810

  • Includes "Move and Play" activity book
  • Includes 4 Octavator Caps
  • Includes CD/DVD containing both music and video for each song
  • Includes a durable traveling tote that includes pockets to hold octavator caps and books
  • Includes 25 Boomwhackers, so a group of 12 or more can perform all the included songs and choreography found in the activity book and CD/DVD
  • Set contains: 3 C tubes, 1 C# tube, 3 D tubes, 1 D# tube, 2 E tubes, 2 F tubes, 2 F# tubes, 3 G tubes, 1 G# tube, 3 A tubes, 2 Bb tubes, 2 B tubes.
  • Ideal for music classes, PE, or any activity incorporating music and dance
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