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Complete 3-Drum Harmony Tunable Drum Set

Item # P4101

An orginal concept by Peripole® Percussion!



Use on floor or on stands

Availability: In Stock!

Price: $495.00

  • Drums can be arranged in a cluster or played individually as desired.
  • 18", 20", and 22" diameters by 9" high.
  • Wood shells covered with decorative laminate with Sound Arches™
  • Replaceable synthetic heads.
  • Rubber feet elevate drum to promote optimal sustained resonance.
  • Children sit on the floor or stand to play drums mounted on special stand.
  • Can be played by one or more students.
  • Easy-to-Use key tuning.
  • Tunable to 1-3-5 or other desired pitch
  • Large percussion mallet sold separately.
  • Conserves storage space by stacking within each other.

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