In Memory of Sylvia Perry

Sylvia Perry, an, outstanding pioneer of music education, died peacefully of natural causes, Monday Morning, September 26, 2016 in the company of her beloved son, Dr. Andrew Perry, and her trusted assistant, Wendy Rowe, at her home in Keizer, Oregon.

Sylvia and her husband Mack Perry, who preceded her in death, was a career music educator and chief executive and co-founder, with Mack, of Peripole, Inc. in 1945, the first company to manufacture musical instruments for elementary music education in the United States. Peripole was also the first company to import and distribute Orff Instruments in the United States, beginning in the early 1960's as exclusive distributors of Studio 49, and later launching the Sonor line in the mid-1960's, and finally the Peripole-Bergerault® line in the early 1970's, with whom the company continues their close association. Sylvia's business headquarters was located in New York, and later in New Jersey, and finally in Oregon, where she joined in business partnership with her son, Andrew.

Sylvia, a career Music Educator, had two Master's degrees, one in Music Education, and one in Special Education, both from Columbia University Teachers College. She also studied piano at the famous Julliard School of Music with renowned piano instuctor, Joseph Levin, who also taught Van Cliburn, among many others. She was a prodigy on the piano, winning numerous awards as a teenager and young adult. She chose a career in Music Education, and later in the Music Industry, rather than pursue the career as a concert pianist for which she trained, in order to effectively realize her other important goal - that of being a mother and a wife.

She was known as a devoted music educator and a savvy business woman who was dedicated to bringing quality music education to the children of America. Sylvia received career awards from AOSA and from State Music Education Organizations in Texas, Florida, Tennessee, California, Wisconsin, and Oregon.

She is survived by her four sons Richard, Roger, Fred and Andrew.

Sylvia was an icon in the industry and will be sorely missed by those who knew and loved her.