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Peripole® Baroque Soprano Halo® Recorder
Item #: P6000

Please note: Due to variable stock availability in February through March 10, 2016, we have temporarily removed the ability to purchase this item on our website. Please call us at 800-443-3592 to order the Peripole® Baroque Halo® Recorder. Substitute items recommended that are available immediately include P6903, P6101, and P6103. Please contact us for more information. Parents - if you are ordering at your teacher's request, please ask your teacher which substitute is recommended. The P6000 Halo® Recorder will be back in stock by March 10, 2016, and available at this site.

Available exclusively from Peripole, Inc.


Baroque Soprano Halo Recorder in extra wide blue zippered case.


Now featuring the Exclusive Safety-Snap™ Breakaway unit on all Halo® Hangers!


FREE Enrichment Kit with Each Recorder!

  • 1 Peripole® Halo® Hanger to suspend the recorder from the neck, thus allowing hands free access for other coordinated musical activities.
  • Extra Wide vinyl zippered case to house recorder with the Peripole® Halo® Hanger attached.
  • 1 self-adhesive Peripole® "Thumb Spot" to serve as a thumb positioner.
  • 1 Revised card stock Peripole® Fingering Chart per order (photocopying permissible).
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Unique Recorder Features
  • Dark brown, textured plastic. Renaissance shape. Looks, feels, and sounds like wood!
  • Low C on Soprano and Low F on Alto can be produced immediately and easily.
  • Air-tight joint fit.
    • Soprano - two-piece.
    • Alto - three-piece.
  • Curved wind-way like expensive wood recorders to provide immediate and fluid response.
  • Precisions cut bores allow very few overtones making for ease of blowing and balanced scales in entire two octave range.
  • No drifting of tone quality resulting in fewer overblown shrieks for the beginning student.
  • Elegant dark, rich, woody tone quality - with plenty of focus.
  • Cleaning rod and joint lubricant included.
  • The overall superior quality and feel of these recorders inspires students to treat it like a professional instrument.
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